10th Annual Coatings Industry Report

Order Information

Full Study Fee:

The Study is available now for $12,000.

To order, please write, call or fax or email your request to:

The CHEMARK Consulting Group, Inc.
230 North Bennett Street, Suite #3
Southern Pines, NC 28387
Phone No. +1 910-692-2492
Fax No. Is +1 910-692-2523

Optional Purchases:  

In instances where only specific focused segments are preferred,CHEMARK will offer each of the 35 Sections at an individual fee of $450 each. Additionally, the following eight volumes can be purchased individually as follows, plus shipping and handling costs:

Volume Price
I. Executive Summary $3,900
II. Wood Substrates Market Area  1,912
III. General Metals Market Area  3,450
IV. Transportation Market Area 3,000
V. Specialty Metal Market Area  2,295
VI. Special Substrates Market Area 1,555
VII.  Maintenance and Marine Market Area 2,670
VIII. Architectural Market Area 1,300

Bonus: For purchase of the full study, ONE full day of consulting regarding the study itself is offered in increments of 30 minutes spread over 6 months time. The consulting day can also be used in larger increments, or the ONE full day ITSELF. Depending on the areas of interest, CHEMARK will place the appropriate person or persons into the network in order to provide clarification and other information that would not ordinarily be found in the study itself. In addition, a CD with user-friendly features accompanies the study.