CHEMARK History…a market force for over 40 years

CHEMARK was founded in 1975 by Howard Ellerhorst.  Howard launched the CHEMICAL MARKETING SERVICES GROUP during August of that year.  He believed that there was fundamentally something missing from the management of specialty chemical companies. Simply put that was a commitment to deliver clients accurate data from which they could make better strategic and tactical decisions.

In 1976, shortly after he opened his new company doors in Cincinnati, OH, Howard developed a 10-page questionnaire (145 questions) targeting the paint and coatings market.  He then established a 4,000-person Delphi-Panel comprised of key individuals from all elements of the supply chain that included a cross section of job responsibilities.  To Howards’ surprise and delight, he received back 64% of the questionnaires totally completed.  Howard’s first coatings & paints research report of over 450 pages of data was launched in hard copy only. Howard was rewarded with great accolades for his data accuracy along with a nice payday.

In 1983, Howard changed the company name from the CHEMICAL MARKETING SERVICES GROUP to the CHEMARK Consulting Group, Inc.

In 1985, Dr. Phil Phillips joined CHEMARK as Vice President & Director of Strategic Development.  During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, CHEMARK developed more sophisticated research methods and broadened its geographical footprint from North America to include Europe and South America.  CHEMARK also broadened the companies market reach from paints & coatings to include adhesives, sealants, inks and specialty chemicals.

In 1998, Dr. Phillips acquired CHEMARK from Howard Ellerhorst who had just announced his retirement.  At that time CHEMARK moved its home office from Cincinnati to Southern Pines, NC.

Under the direction of Phil Phillips, CHEMARK continued the process of broadening the companies geographic and market footprints. Over the next five years, from 1998 through 2003, CHEMARK established branch offices in Clinton, CT; Phoenix, AR; Brixworth, Northants, UK; Salzburg, Austria; Dorking, UK.; San Palo, Brazil and Louisville, KY.

While the process of growing and strengthening the company continues, CHEMARK has endeavored to maintain Howard’ founding thesis . . . “In all markets, an accurate database is an essential element in assisting clients in developing and implementing successful business strategies”.