Business Strategy Consulting Services

Clients utilize the Business Strategy consulting experience of CHEMARK to better position their products and services.  Geographically, this can involve consideration for global expansion or the need to address regional repositioning and adjustment in business emphasis.  Diversification into adjacent markets along with the need to identify market trends that represent opportunities for differentiation of products or services are important reasons to consider CHEMARK’ “Business Strategy consulting services.

CHEMARKs’ in depth understanding and rapport within the coatings, adhesives, sealants, inks and specialty chemicals markets provide a solid foundation from which we can assist our client in adjusting their business strategy.  Within these focused markets, CHEMARK’s reputation for assisting our clients with product positioning and advice on market segment prioritization is well known and respected.

Strategic Alternatives Group has extensive expertise in the adhesives, sealants, coatings and specialty chemical markets

CHEMARK‘s Strategic Alternatives Group addresses a variety or organizational transformation situations including:

  • Business model transformation
  • Step-change growth
  • Reshaping the business portfolio
  • Re-evaluation product offerings and new product needs

CHEMARK brings to our clients extensive expertise in mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and associated arrangements / transactions.  We help senior management and business owners assess their unique value-chain position then quickly identify strategic alternatives.  Based on this assessment, CHEMARK develops a specific, detailed action plan, identifies and facilitates necessary initial industry contacts, then follows-through to full execution in all phases of the M&A process.

The Enterprise Transformation Practice complements strategic consulting and Mergers & Acquisitions

The Enterprise Transformation Practice complements our strategic business consulting and mergers & acquisitions areas by identifying unique, alternative pathways to improve organizational effectiveness.

As one example, CHEMARK can help establish Brand Guardrails and How To Keep Successful Brands On Track, by developing a set of criteria or “guardrails”.  CHEMARK Business Guardrails are used effectively to maintain and drive improvements and efficiencies in product design, manufacturing, quality control, customer service and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.  Guardrails helps define brand identity which in turn shapes the relationship between our clients and their customers.

As a compliment to these “guardrail” boundaries, the HIGHWAY represents the strategic path a business must follow to be successful.