What is the experience of CHEMARK in the Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) area?

Working with small family owned companies to large multinational corporations, CHEMARK identifies, negotiates and helps execute acquisitions that add value to both the acquirer and the target company.  CHEMARK has executed over 30 deals in the past years. We excel in the coatings and adhesive areas.  For more information, see Strategic Alternatives.

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What is the primary expertise of CHEMARK?

CHEMARK Consulting understands the value chain from resins, polymers and additives as they contribute to adhesives, sealants and coatings strategic and tactical business management issues.  For more information, see Value Chain.

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What are your global capabilities?

CHEMARK is a global consulting firm with over 40 professionals ‘on-the-ground’ in all regions of the world.  Our data strength at this point in time is greatest in the western hemisphere (North & South America) and Europe; and, we are rapidly improving in the Pacific region through industry-experienced personnel with whom we continue to add.  For more information, see Services.

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What is the basic method for value chain analysis?

<p”>Value Chain analysis is done on a case-by-case basis. The supply chain for the adhesives sealants and coatings industry is a complicated one. With our detailed knowledge of the technology and the supply base for resins, polymers and additives we are able to work with clients to evaluate value added at each step for their particular market focus.

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Do you have a standard form of engagement or is it flexible?

CHEMARK must be very flexible in how we work with clients.  For larger projects we work on a agreement specifically tailored to the desired results of the client.  The fee is based on the size, scope and level of difficulty of the project.  We place a great deal of emphasis on keeping relationships and projects on a confidential basis.  For smaller projects, partners and associates can be engaged on a hourly or weekly basis.  Contact us about your project.

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Can you implement your recommendations within a given organization or do you stop at recommendations only?

<p”>CHEMARK is fully capable of implementing its recommendations (within defined contractual limits) on organization, operational and technical requirements.  We are eager to assist in the implementation process and remain on the “fly-paper” to the projected end.

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