Automotive Market Study: Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) 


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A Matter of Strategy – “What you must do to be successful in the Automotive market.”

As a supplier or prospective supplier to the automotive market you must:

  • Know what your Automotive Market Strategy is NOW.
  • Know how you are addressing the issues of:
    • Cost-reduction pressure
    • Supplier consolidation
    • Evolving product technology
  • Know if you are targeting the most profitable niches.
  • Know what your differentiation/value-added strategy is that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Know how to create and take advantage of your differentiated position.

Projected Growth

The North American automotive industry continues to be a key market for adhesive, sealant and NVH manufacturers. Demand for all three is expected to exceed $1.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2002 with growth projected to continue at well above GDP. Within the over 120 key segments, exists opportunity growth rates of +20%.

Value to Participants

This study provides a valuable, comprehensive look at the automotive adhesives, sealants and NVH markets in North America for adhesive and sealant formulators, raw material suppliers, application equipment suppliers, Automotive OEMs and Automotive Component Manufacturers. It is designed for the sales, marketing, R&D or management executives seeking analytical tools and data for determining their companies’ course of action in the automotive market.

A Dynamic, Complex Market

The market has experienced rapid fundamental change during the 1990s. Here are just a few examples:

  • Supplier consolidation has been rapid and substantial globally, with significant affects on North America.
  • Supplier organizations have had to continually change their communication practices dramatically to accommodate the auto industry demand dynamics.
  • Change in business practices has lead to new negotiation tactics.
  • Cost/Price reductions have become mandatory.
  • Materials/Process changes influence both the use and displacement of adhesive, sealants and NVH materials.
  • Quality Standards continue to evolve up the evolutionary ladder.

Only the Strong Survive

Yes, you need to be strong, but you also need to be focused and have a clear strategy, which will yield revenue and profitable growth.

If your company is in the automotive market or is contemplating entry into this dynamic marketplace, this study will give you practical information, which will facilitate your decision-making processes regarding resource allocation, market potential and competitive perspective.

This study provides a wealth of data in both graphical and table format, as well as narrative perspective and insight to this dynamic market. That is, CHEMARK will provide its opinion regarding the implications of these changes on your business in every key segment studied.