David Hawkins

David Hawkins

Executive Vice President Strategic Marketing

As Executive VP Strategic Marketing, Dave Hawkins, helps our clients increase growth and margins.

Dave Hawkins has repeatedly helped executives and investors specify growth models for a higher level of business performance. Over 25 years of executive management in private equity owned and privately held companies, has created an actionable skill set suited to executives who realize their business performance and growth are lower than deserved.

Professional Experience

Dave has held several executive leadership roles in diverse industries.

• CEO of start-up adhesive company sold to HB Fuller
• Executive VP of a global adhesive company owned by private equity
• Chief Executive of a specialty chemical company sold to Honeywell
• VP Marketing of specialty chemical company in a Chapter 11 turnaround
• VP Product Management for global veterinary products company
• Director of Marketing for agriculture chemical company in turnaround

He is a marketing strategist who has helped dozens of executives and owners define the best path to a higher level of competitive performance and growing profits. Dave serves as an “executive coach” who knows a defined implementation plan is crucial to attaining a differentiated competitive position.

Executive Consultation

An “Executive Leader to Leader” approach is customized to uncover issues and opportunities affecting the company’s momentum, performance, and valuation. Such consultations have proven to be an economical method for a leader to receive valued perspectives and solutions from a practicing peer. It is common to periodically seek re-energizing actions which will breathe new life into a company’s business plan.

Educational Background

BS Education – Southern Illinois University
MS Economics – University of Illinois