10th Annual Coatings Industry Report


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In its 10th Edition of the U.S. COATINGS INDUSTRY study,CHEMARK estimates the U.S. Industrial Coatings market consumed 264 million dry gallons and 470 million wet gallons in 2004 In its 9th Edition of the U.S. COATINGS INDUSTRY study, CHEMARK was very accurate with its projected growth & trend dynamics of 109 segments studied through the year 2000. CHEMARK’s 10th Edition, covering 2004 through 2009, is therefore, launched from a solidly credible base.

CHEMARK’s 10th Edition analyzes coating consumption by the ten major technology systems:

  • solvent-based high solids
  • solvent-based low solids
  • two-component low solids
  • two-component high solids
  • two-component water low solids
  • two-component water high solids
  • emulsions
  • water soluble
  • powder
  • radiation-cured

Strategic Questions

What has happened in the past ten years – from 1994-2004 and how will the three key environmental considerations (Remote, Industrial & Operating Environments) and stakeholder pressure on returns, affect the next critical period from 2004 to 2009? What segments within the coatings markets will be forced to change its supply chain tactics to survive and what new technologies are forthcoming that will change or create new opportunities in each of these segments?

In its new 10th Edition, “THE US COATINGS INDUSTRY” study, CHEMARK addresses the grass roots decision issues that must be dealt with and brings the Board Room abstract thinking into the realm of reality, where things have to “work” in the market firing line.

Management in the coatings industry must not only understand critical trends and issues, but it must know why these trends are affecting their businesses and, most importantly, what they need to do with this information and database to meet their objectives.

The CHEMARK Consulting Group’s 10th Edition, “THE US COATINGS INDUSTRY” is NOT a collector’s item! It IS , however, a dynamic management tool of vision unlike our own or any other study offered in the recent past. Its quick and easy referencing of accurate data and rationale will provide management with the tools to support and make efficient decisions for their companies.

CHEMARK realizes that each U.S. coatings segment is affected by globalization. In this study, CHEMARK‘s role is to assist management by showing to what extent these markets are affected and the impact these dynamic shifts have on current and future end-uses for coating systems. One such dynamic shift – geographical – is exhibited below.