In response to its’ clients needs to efficiently understand how to manage their way through the current economic crises, CHEMARK has formed a “Fast Track Solutions Team” capable of quickly moving clients into an improved position.

Fast Track Solutions Team

The CHEMARK Consulting Group, Inc. has announced the formation of a new “Fast Track Solutions Team” designed to create knowledgeable and efficient linkages among the specialty chemicals segments and, in tempo with its client’s needs. Drawing on its global marketing and technical knowledge within the specialty chemicals industry, and combining it with CHEMARK‘s methodologies in value chain analysis, strategic and tactical planning, decision-risk analysis and mergers and acquisition prowess, the Fast Track Solutions Team is designed to bring immediate problem-solving capabilities to its clients.

The CHEMARK Fast Track Team consists of Lynda Gordon, vice president, market analysis; Patrick Jones, vice president, marketing and business analytics; Linda Marquez, vice president, global infrastructure systems; and Phil Phillips, president and managing director. This highly mobile team will work with individual companies and groups of companies to assist them in sorting through the tough economic times, with focused emphasis in guiding firms in their understanding of challenging global business and legislation environment and what they can do to leverage their positions. For more information on methodology specifics, visit