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World Powder Coating Survey

World Powder Coating Survey

Release Date: 2013
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The CHEMARK Consulting Group, Inc. has been awarded the WORLD POWDER COATING STUDY – 2013-2018 by the Powder Coating Institute (PCI).

PCI has selected CHEMARK, a well-recognized and respected global management consulting firm specializing in coatings, adhesives, sealants and the specialty chemical industries, to develop a comprehensive report (see Table of Contents and order form) on the state of the WORLD POWDER COATINGS industry using 2013 as the base year and forecasting results through 2018.

The MIC (Management Information Committee) was given the responsibility in sourcing this by-annual strategic and tactical planning tool and CHEMARK is looking forward to working with this important MIC committee in developing an accurate, meaningful and use-friendly document for the industry its serves.

Dr. Phil Phillips, Managing Director of CHEMARK says, “CHEMARK is very honored and pleased to have been selected to produce this document. We have gladly accepted this project with the full understanding of the serious responsibilities that encompass the task. This is to be a dynamic and useful tool for the paint and coatings decision-makers to use and feel confident that it is accurate and understandable as it applies to their decision needs.”

The 2013-2018 Analysis will adopt a thorough research format, insuring a broad footprint while providing an in-depth examination, users will find both strategically and tactically useful.  Go to the CHEMARK Web Site to view the complete Table of Contents ascribed to this WORLD Study.

Within the next several weeks, PCI will be announcing the availability of the Analysis detailing the new offerings’ unique value and providing delivery and cost information at that time.

In the meantime, CHEMARK will look forward to working on and speaking with many of you during the process of developing the PCI (2013-2018) WORLD POWDER COATING STUDY.

ACA Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition (2014-2019)

ACA Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition (2014-2019)

Release Date: 2010
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The value-packed ACA Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition will enable purchasers to:

  • Obtain insightful and in-depth answers to their strategic questions;
  • Validate/scrutinize their value propositions;
  • Substantiate the implications and importance of the topics covered in the special chapters on their organizations’ efforts in those areas; and
  • Better understand the future direction of the industry, technology, and the competitive landscape.

In addition, purchasers who opt for the free day of consulting will be able to meet face-to-face with the experts who conducted the primary research.

This market analysis is the most consistent resource you can use for long-term strategic business planning and short-term critical business decisions.

Users will be able to build on the wealth of statistical analysis and forecasting data in the base study to better plan and refine their business planning.

Pertinent and Comprehensive in Today’s Challenging Business Environment

  • Detailed discussion of 19 market segments, and numerous sub-segments profiled
  • Fully analyzed data incorporating information garnered from primary “real world” interviews with key industry experts on critical purchasing considerations
  • Extensive coverage of supply chain, distribution channels and the impact of trends and issues in major market segments along the chain
  • Detailed insight into the end-user markets and trends, including end-user segments and sub-segments
  • Chapters reviewed by leading coatings industry experts
  • Key economic, trade, technology, regulatory and environmental influences on the demand for coatings by sector
  • Projection of growth rates and forecasts, through 2020, in both U.S. dollars and gallons
  • Convenient and versatile electronic delivery and format

Special and Expanded Chapters

  • New Technology Trends and Market Opportunities
  • Regulatory Influences on the Industry
  • Merger and Acquisition Activity
  • Trends in Raw Materials

Mainstay chapters covering specific industry segments will be replete with relevant data, colorful and comprehensive graphs, and the clearest illustration yet of the relationship between customer production and paint usage. These chapters include:

  • Architectural Coatings
  • OEM Coatings, including:
    • Auto, Light Truck, Van and SUV Finishes
    • Heavy-duty Truck, Bus and Recreational Vehicle Finishes
    • Aerospace Finishes
    • Rail Rolling Stock Coatings
    • Appliance Finishes
    • Wood Furniture, Cabinet and Fixture Finishes
    • Wood and Composition Board Flat Stock Finishes
    • Coil, Sheet, Strip and Extrusion Coatings
    • Machinery and Equipment Finishes
    • Non-wood Furniture, Fixture and Business Equipment Finishes
    • Paper, Paperboard, Film and Foil Coatings
    • Metal Container and Closure Finishes
    • Powder Coatings
  • Special Purpose Coatings, including:
    • Industrial Maintenance Coatings
    • Traffic Marking Paints
    • Automotive Refinish Paints
    • Marine Paints
    • Aerosol Paints
10th Annual Coatings Industry Report

10th Annual Coatings Industry Report

Release Date: 2005
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The CHEMARK Consulting Group of Southern Pines, NC takes a unique view of the U.S. Industrial Coatings markets over the next five to 10 years. The overall annualized growth rate for the five years starting with 2004 and ending in 2009 is estimated to be no more than 2.4%. Some declines are expected in some of the 114 segments studied due to shifts in supply chain, focus on new value propositions and base end-use geographical location movements.

In its 10th Edition of the U.S. COATINGS INDUSTRY study CHEMARKestimates the U.S. Industrial Coatings market consumed 264 million dry gallons and 470 million wet gallons in 2004 In its 9th Edition of the U.S. COATINGS INDUSTRY study, CHEMARK was very accurate with its projected growth & trend dynamics of 109 segments studied through the year 2000. CHEMARK’s 10 th Edition, covering 2004 through 2009, is therefore, launched from a solidly credible base.

CHEMARK’s 10th Edition analyzes coating consumption by the ten major technology systems: solvent based high solids, solvent based low solids, two-component low solids, two-component high solids, two-component water low solids, two-component water high solids, emulsions, water soluble, powder, and radiation-cured.

Read the table of contents or prospectus and learn more about how to order.

Automotive Market Study: Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

Automotive Market Study: Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

Release Date: 2002
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No other study of this type has been attempted for more than ten years. The 2002 study comprehensively reviews not just market segmentation, volumes, and trends, but also offers valuable strategic insights into:

  • The most profitable niches.
  • Which segments will or will not see growth in adhesive, sealant and NVH usage and why.
  • How supply chain dynamics will affect the various segments within this industry.
  • What to expect in e-commerce (marketplaces, hubs, auctions) and what could be the implications to your strategy.
  • The most promising technological advances and their future impact on the industry.

Read the table of contents or prospectus and learn more about how to order.

Study of Inorganic Anti-Microbial in Japan

Study of Inorganic Anti-Microbial in Japan

Release Date: 2002
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CHEMARK has recognized the Inorganic Anti-Microbial agent product line as being an important additive growth area and is offering, in collaboration with Monkman International Consulting of Pinehurst, NC, a new report, “Study of Inorganic Anti-Microbial Agents in Japan,” produced by Nippon Chemtec Consulting, Inc. of Osaka, Japan.

The study contents were obtained by personal interviews and analysis by the authors of patents and technical literature. It will be uniquely valuable to research and product planning personnel in companies globally concerned with elimination of mold, mildew, and fungus problems and/or preventing bacterial contamination of individuals or environments. The report includes product descriptions, preparation methods, application developments, and market and price information.

Read the table of contents or prospectus and learn more about how to order.