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Founded in 1975, The CHEMARK Consulting Group is a 45+ years management-consulting firm concentrating narrowly on tactical and strategic activities surrounding the coatings, adhesives, sealants, inks & specialty chemicals industries and their specific value chains of activity.  As management consultants, CHEMARK’s global client base crosses all elements of the supply chain including; raw material suppliers, product formulators, application equipment manufacturers, and end-users.  Our market reach also extends to large generalist consulting firms that require the added expertise of a specialized consulting firm like CHEMARK. 

CHEMARK has evolved to meet increased client/market demands

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Helping clients to understand and grow their businesses:

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Helping clients optimize their performance

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Helping clients optimize their performance

CHEMARK’s Latest News and Articles 

Be Creative in Your Hiring Practices

Gary Shawhan, Contributing EditorThe CHEMARK Consulting Group The need for talented and creative people is always there, especially when hiring for mid to high-level positions within the organization. Depending on the size of the company, this effort is led by...

Leadership Styles

Gary Shawhan, Phil Phillips Contributing EditorsThe CHEMARK Consulting Group The quality and effectiveness of leadership is ultimately graded on the results that are achieved. A company’s goals and business objectives provide the framework within which leaders operate...

“Persuasive Selling”

Phil Phillips & Gary Shawhan, Contributing Editors   The CHEMARK Consulting Group   The art of “Persuasive Selling” has certainly evolved from the days of the fast-talking, traveling salesman and the three-martini lunch. NO LONGER is product selection...